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JA BizTown® Classroom Resources

Thank you for choosing to participate in JA BizTown! The standards-based lessons are designed to supplement and complement your existing classroom work across a variety of subject areas, including English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

It is a turnkey, interactive (and fun!), experiential learning program including financial literacy, community and economy, work readiness, and business management lessons that lead up to a culminating day-long field trip to the simulated mini-city of JA BizTown in Edison, NJ.

Imagine your students as CEOs, CFOs, town mayor, pipeline engineers, bank tellers, Quest Diagnostics technicians, Walmart Customer Service Representatives, UPS carriers, and Horizon health managers, running businesses, earning paychecks, serving as citizens, and creating a successful economy at JA BizTown.

We appreciate your efforts, and have a variety of resources available to support you in the classroom, including illustrations, posters, student assessments, and more:

As you continue moving forward in the classroom lessons, please print and insert the below JA BizTown Tabs into your Curriculum Guides to assist in the Work Readiness, Business Management, and Visit Units:

Please contact Angela Celeste with any questions!

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