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JA Finance Park® by the Numbers
During the 2014-15 school year, 9,135 students participated in the Capital One/JA Finance Park simulated city and JA Finance Park® Virtual Simulations. Students joined us from 75 schools in 18 counties throughout New Jersey, and were mentored by 535 volunteers.

"Today at Finance Park, I got a glimpse of how it feels to be someone who is financially independent. I was put into the perspective of my parents, and I had to make diligent decisions while staying in budget. It gave me good perspective and I’m happy I came."
- Joseph, Explore 2000 Middle School, Jersey City

JA Finance Park®: A two-pronged approach to financial literacy education for middle and high school students that begins with several weeks of classroom lessons, centered on money management, wise consumerism and career exploration.

Students put their newfound knowledge to the test in a budgeting activity during a culminating experience, either at the Capital One/JA Finance Park simulated city or through the virtual online simulation at their school’s computer lab. JA Finance Park Virtual allows students to participate in an online budgeting simulation, without ever having to leave the school.

This free program helps NJ students meet core curriculum standards and the 9.1 Standard high school graduation requirement.

Have questions about JA Finance Park, or wish to sign up? Contact:

Junior Achievement of New Jersey - 4365 Route 1 South - Princeton, NJ 08540 - Phone: 609-419-0404
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